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Trailblazer Connections

Connect with Trailblazers like you!

Trailblazer Connections is a two-credit course designed to ease your transition to Utah Tech University and to prepare you for your college experience. We recommend you take this course to learn exactly what it takes to be a successful student.

In Trailblazer Connections, you will cover everything from how to develop the best college study and time management skills, to how to work with professors and use the Library. You will also discuss why you are enrolled in higher education in the first place, and how you can make the most out of the coming years. Trailblazer Connections allows you to develop a support network of classmates, faculty, and staff to help ensure a successful academic experience.


How do I qualify to take this course?

You automatically qualify if you have a desire to be successful! Simply register at my.utahtech.edu or contact an Academic Advisor (435-652-7690)

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How do I register?
  • Contact an Academic Advisor (435-652-7690) or click this link to get started: my.utahtech.edu
  • Search for SSC 1010 while registering for classes
  • Keep in mind there are two types of Trailblazer Connections courses!

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What is the difference between a pre-semester course and a semester course?
  • A pre-semester course takes place 3 school days before actual classes start (August 14-August 16, 2019 from 8am-4pm). You will meet four other times throughout the semester to receive more instruction for an hour each.
  • A full semester course follows the regular schedule and meets two times per week throughout the semester.
Will food be provided on the three days in the pre-semester course?

Lunch will be provided for you on Wednesday and Friday. Your instructor will give you more instructions about Thursday- but be prepared to bring or purchase your own lunch.

What are the course requirements?

Make connections to the university, engage yourself in the process of being an educated person and learn to become involved in the university community. Must meet with a peer coach four times throughout the semester.

What is a Peer Coach?

A peer coach is a fellow student who is a trained mentor, who helps guides students through their first semesters of college. They ensure students have the skills and resources necessary to succeed.

Peer Coaches

What semester should I take the Trailblazer Connections course?

All students are invited to take this course at any point of college. It is recommended to take this course in the first or even second semester of college to ensure successful skills are learned and to have a well-rounded knowledge of the resources offered on campus.

What materials are required for this course?
  • Trailblazer Orientation Book (provided at orientation)
  • Becoming a Learner by Matt Sanders (found in the bookstore or online)
  • Other texts listed from your instructor
  • Pen/pencil and a notebook
Is there a certain place I can park?

You are required to have a parking pass anytime you park on campus. A parking pass may be purchased online or through the Cashier’s Office.

Parking Map